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American Home Design with American Kitchen and Living Room Design

American Home Design – For any typical Australian, home ownership is more than an investment; they are homes and are therefore a source of personal satisfaction and pride for the owner. They express status and position, and just by the look of any home design, anyone can tell something about the owner. Despite our conservative taste, over the years we have found the most creative way to show our love for the elegant and timeless design of architectural houses.

Modern Australian architecture is heavily influenced by foreign domestic designs, particularly American. The reason for this is obvious, as American home designers are known for their ability to combine fun and expressive color schemes with bold accents, spaciousness, luxurious home furnishings and sophisticated color contrast. These features can transform any room into a beautiful retreat, perfect for work, home and vacation.

American Home Design

American style home designs, which reflect the realistic expectations of the average Australian, are now more popular than ever, as even estate agents and house builders can attest. Some of the house designs that perfectly match the requirements of future homeowners in terms of architectural styles and elegance include – Hampton style house, Cape Cod house style, Ranch style house, Victorian style house, Tudor style and Mid-Century Modern style .

However, the most popular American house designs in Australia are the Hamptons house style and the Cape Cod house style. These American Home Designs are very popular not only for their obvious exquisite architectural styles, but also for their unique functionality and relative affordability.

If you are planning to build your home according to any of the popular American house designs. This article may contain all the information you need.

The design of the Cape Cod house has scored a lot of points with the “Austrians” who want to create a warm and welcoming home with a perfect British atmosphere. This house design is known for its typical symmetrical appearance, central position of the roof and steep roofs. They also have exquisite window shutters that are usually painted white, railings and wooden floors. The ingenuity of the special features of this home style is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why it remains popular.


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Hampton house design can be described as the most popular American house design in Australia. This home style is a broad description of various architectural components and interior elements that combine to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with a touch of style and elegance in any home.

American Living Design Ideas

American country home interior design has won the hearts of most Australian homeowners for its understated elegance that maintains a timeless appeal. Its typical bright and fresh interior design vividly depicts the relaxed elements of the Australian lifestyle that “Aussies” love so much.

There are a few essential features that a true Hampton home should have. These key features are not only unique to this home style, but also show that the home is truly Hampton style.

The interior design of an authentic Hampton home usually includes a classic combination of blue and white. This color mix is ​​perfect for creating a fresh and coastal look, wooden floors, double doors commonly found on balconies, window coverings and natural colored stone.

Creating a timeless home design like the Hamptons requires fine details. The mismatch of some key features of this house design makes it sour. One of the essential elements of the authentic look of the Hampton house is the gable roof that uses “GAF roofing shingles”. First-time builders looking to create a Hamptons-style home may feel less inclined to pay much attention to the roof under the assumption that “it’s perfect as long as it looks right,” but that’s far from the case.

The true elegance of the Hampton home design is in its GAF shingle roof. That’s why it’s best to start your Hamptons-style home plan by finding a building contractor who can supply you with GAF shingles.

Although GAF shingles are not as popular as tile or terra cotta roofing materials, most building professionals across Australia now understand that you cannot create an authentic Hamptons home design without a GAF shingle roof. If your proposed Hamptons-inspired home isn’t covered in GAF shingles, then it’s just not Hamptons-esque.

Australians love everything charming and attractive. Our taste for the “good life” in all aspects is also reflected in our love of American style homes. Australian homebuilders are constantly going from strength to strength, making a conscious effort to ensure that potential Australian homeowners get the most bang for their buck when they opt for homes inspired by American design.


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Authentic Hampton homes are popping up quickly across much of Australia. This style is commonly found in Brisbane, Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne, Darwin, New South Wales and Canberra. American Home Designs are not strictly limited to these few named parts of Australia, as other parts are constantly accepting American homes.

Traditional House Plans

Creating the perfect American home plan starts with careful planning and detailing. Yes, there are bound to be some bumps in the road, especially if you have no idea what home design features should be on your home plan. However, with the right checklist and accurate information about the exact features of the proposed American house plan, you are only one step away from creating the perfect American house plan.

  • House Size – According to the Census Bureau, the average American home size is approximately 2,422 square feet. Although this estimate is considered a consensus, it may vary as you need to consider your family’s specific space needs. If you have a small family and don’t want to expand, the listed house size may be the right square footage for your family’s needs.

On the other hand, if you have a large family, this recommended square footage is not suitable for you. That’s why it’s best to tailor the versions to your family’s specific needs to avoid creating a cramped environment.

  • Your Proposed Architectural Style – Developing the perfect American home begins with choosing the correct American house plan. There are many American house plans to choose from, but this should be entirely based on your personality, taste, and the architectural look you want to create.

Your home should be a living reflection of who you are and your normal lifestyle. For example, it can be said that prospective homeowners who choose the Hamptons look like all white colors and all light and traditional aesthetic home design and furnishings. A native American living room design easily conveys that its owner appreciates the formal look of antebellum homes with classic ornate designs. The bottom line is that your architectural style should be a formal expression of your personality and your lifestyle.

If you still haven’t decided which American home design best suits your personality, do some in-depth research before making your final decision. Whichever American home design you choose, you shouldn’t overlook its unique features, as those features are often styles themselves. For example, for the Hamptons style, a gable roof using GAF shingles is one of its most intimidating features even without them; it can never be a Hamptons look!

  • Floor Layout – This is one of the basics of the perfect house plan. Your proposed floor plan should be designed to maximize living space and accommodate your family’s daily lifestyle and activities. Your ideal house plan can go completely wrong if you build with an imperfect floor plan. For practicality, it’s best to make your floor plans as flexible as possible to meet your family’s current needs as well as future needs.

These few checklists will be a useful guide in creating the perfect house plan regardless of any American home design you may be interested in. It is also essential to get the services of a professional American residential house designer to get the best possible help in creating the perfect American home design plan. It is common for American interior design trends to include elements such as spacious open-plan kitchen/dining/living areas, imitation of high-end furniture pieces on a budget, efficient distribution of space and a large selection of furniture.


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American kitchen and living room design perfectly showcase the friendly nature of New Yorkers. When we think of the American home, the first thing that comes to mind is the family room from the TV show “Friends”. The large room, where the main actors spent a lot of time, served simultaneously as a kitchen, dining room and a place to rest. In such an open space you can cook breakfast, entertain guests in the evening or relax on the sofa.



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