Living Room Bookshelf Decorating for 2024 to Show Off Your Style

Living Room Bookshelf Decorating and Bookshelf Design for Home with Wooden Bookshelf Design for Living Room and Bookshelf Ideas for Small Living Room

Living Room Bookshelf Decorating – Are you excited to decorate your bookshelf? Want to display your art, plants, decor and books on your shelves, but don’t know how to decorate them? Here you will find 5 recipes for creating a bookshelf!

When we moved into our new home, I became the proud new owner of built-in bookshelves! Wow!! I always wanted a built-in, so I had fun decorating them. But when it came time to decorate them, I was at a loss.

Living Room Bookshelf Decorating

A few months ago I wrote a general decorating post on how to decorate shelves. And although it is very useful living room bookshelf decor ideas, what to do?

On the bookshelves: books, vegetables, interesting things, etc. But after packing all my things, I had to know

First I realized I needed more decor for my bookcase or  bookshelves Yes! I sold or gave away most of our books in clearing out our old house. My kids have huge bookshelves full of books, but my husband and I only had a small bookshelf in our previous home.

So I don’t have a lot of books to put on the shelves to begin with! This excited me because I wanted to use them mainly for design anyway. I love books and have bought some great books on wooden bookshelf design for living room that are not only fun for me, but beautiful in my home.


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I started by collecting all the bookshelf design for home in all shapes and sizes. Everything from plants, art, decorative items – things that I think would look good on a shelf. I realized that I really lacked design items, so I bought at the world market.

Bookshelf Decor Ideas: How To Decorate Bookshelves In 5 Steps

The living room bookshelf decorating will depend on the size of your shelves. For example, I have short and long shelves, so I can’t use very tall design elements. But if you have higher shelves, you can go higher!

Stick to the color palette. If you spread the same colors on your shelves, everything will look more harmonious. I knew I had to use pink for me because I have pink in the rug and curtains I ordered. I also have a lot of turquoise, of course. So these were given.

Use different heights to add interest. And add height by placing the books horizontally, then add something on top.

Shop thrift stores for small items to decorate the shelf, and pick up some old books while you’re there. (I need to go thrifty for new things.)


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The rule of three Always work in odd numbers if possible! Groups of 1, 3 and 5 are more pleasing to the eye than even numbers. You can see above how I used this “Rule of 3” or odd numbers to decorate the open shelves in my home office.

When I was looking on Pinterest and Instagram for ways to match these items to my shelves, I found some bookshelf ideas for small living room that I could use that looked good!

I have used this formula not only on my bookshelves, but in several places around my house. But it’s a great way to display these beautiful hardcover books in your book collection. It looks good on the shelf by itself or with other groups of other elements.


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This recipe is easy to make with a few things that most of us already have at home. I layered two printables (from Lauren at the Blessing House Free Library Printable) to add a little more interest behind the vase and greenery. I think the tray would look great filled with decorative balloons or greenery.

Formula #3: Large piece of art or decor + another layered piece of art or decor on the front + another large decor item on the side.

I’ve split this super basic formula into two parts because it breaks the “rule of 3” about decorating with odd numbers. You are actually using 2 pieces of decor or art, but when you add it with another large item on the shelf, it becomes the “rule of 3”.

But, sometimes when something is missing in the corner of a bookshelf and 3 things don’t look right, I use this layered art/decoration formula myself. I think it’s good to break the “odd numbers trump all” design rule for once, because sometimes 3 parts look messed up, 2 things look right.

One of the easiest ways to display your books is to combine them with a bookend or vase to hold them. I like to push them to the edge of the bookshelf and then only use one end of the book. But I put them in the middle of the shelf like in my living room.


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Using different heights and all three, this design formula is a classic and easy way to decorate your shelves. It almost always works in any situation. And I’ve been using it for years when I decorate surfaces and open shelves.

I’m sure I could look up more living room bookshelf wall to use when decorating a shelf, but I think these basic patterns and “rules” will go a long way in your endeavors.



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