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Lowongan Kerja 2023 : UNSDCF Programme Officer

Company: United Nations

Job description: Details:

Mission and objectives:

The United Nations Resident Coordinator Office supports the work of the UN Resident Coordinator. The UN Resident Coordinator leads the UN country team in consultations with the Government to define and agree on the UN strategic response to the Government’s development priorities.

The office coordinates activities related to common programming including Agenda 2030, United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF), joint programmes, joint programming activities and development coordination work. This is done in conformity with the objectives and priorities of the Government, and the mandates and objectives of the United Nations agencies.


This UNV assignment is part of the team that manage planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting activities of UNSDF 2021-2025. It is expected that this person plays a crucial role in the coordination of the data management and reporting of UNSDCF 2021-2025.

Task description:

Under the overall guidance of the Head of the Resident Coordinator’s Office (RCO), and direct supervision of the Development Coordination Officer: Data and M&E, the UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks:

  • Support the preparation and implementation of UNSDCF 2021-2025 Evaluation

o Prepare activities ToRs and other required documents for UNSDCF Evaluation, CCA and preparation of next CF (I.e. ToR for inception meeting, validation meeting etc)
o Support communication activities related to UNSDCF Evaluation, CCA and preparation of next CF, i.e. coordination with UNIC to broadcast or publish key informationPrepare references and reading materials to be ready to access including updating the UN documents repository DOMES and SharePoints
o Support RCO administrative assistant to manage logistics
o Support arrangements of meetings, interviews, visits and missions etc.
o Prepare regular notes and updates of the UNSDCF evaluation activities
o Prepare (mission) ToRs, letters etc as required
o Liaise with evaluation team and managers to ensure smooth implementation of the CF Evaluation
o Liaise with UN agencies to ensure everyone stays timely informed
o Assist with scheduling meetings and visits

  • Support the RCO Economist in conducting the Common Country Analysis

o Support in manage logistical arrangements needed for the CCA (meetings, interview, etc).
o Support clear and organized documentation management
o Support the administrative assistant with logistical support.
o Prepare regular notes and updates of the CCA activities.
o Prepare (mission) ToR, letters etc as required.
o Liaise with UN Agencies to ensure everyone stays timely informed
o Assist with scheduling meetings and visits

  • Support the preparation of the new UNSDCF (UNSDCF 2026-2030);

o Support the RCO administrative assistant to manage logistical arrangements
o Contribute to clear documents management
o Support arrangements of meetings, interviews etc.
o Prepare regular notes and updates of the activities to prepare the next UNSDCF
o Prepare ToRs, letters etc as required
o Assist with scheduling of meetings, visits etc
o Liaise with UN Agencies to ensure everyone stays timely informed

  • Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor;

Furthermore, UN Volunteers are required to:

  • Strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the concept of volunteerism by reading relevant UNV and external publications and take active part in UNV activities (for in-stance in events that mark International Volunteer Day);
  • Be acquainted with and build on traditional and/or local forms of volunteerism in the host country;
  • Reflect on the type and quality of voluntary action that they are undertaking, including participation in ongoing reflection activities;
  • Contribute articles/write-ups on field experiences and submit them for UNV publications/websites, newsletters, press releases, etc.;
  • Assist with the UNV Buddy Programme for newly-arrived UN Volunteers;
  • Promote or advise local groups in the use of online volunteering, or encourage relevant local individuals and organizations to use the UNV Online Volunteering service whenever technically possible.


Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Result-based Management, Communications.

Experience Remark:

  • Demonstrated interest and/or experience in a minimum of two years of paid working experience in a relevant field.
  • Familiarity with programme/project management tools/ concepts (budgets, logical frameworks, etc).
  • Provide written expertise in MS Excel and MS Power Points.
  • Good sense in visual design (i.e., good visual sense creating infographics in MS Power Points, selecting good photos, review videos etc).
  • Provide written expertise to draft, review, edit and generate letters, reports, minutes and concept notes (a test will be administered).

Competencies and values:

☐ Accountability
☒ Adaptability and Flexibility
☐ Building Trust
☒ Client Orientation
☒ Commitment and Motivation
☐ Commitment to Continuous Learning
☒ Communication
☒ Creativity
☐ Empowering Others
☒ Ethics and Values
☒ Integrity
☐ Judgement and Decision-making
☐ Knowledge Sharing
☐ Leadership
☐ Managing Performance
☒ Planning and Organizing
☒ Professionalism
☐ Respect for Diversity
☒ Self-Management
☒ Technological Awareness
☐ Vision
☒ Working in Teams

Area(s) of expertise:

  • Administration
  • Business management
  • Economics and finance

Required education level:

Bachelor degree or equivalent

Other information: The position will be based in the capital, Jakarta, where basic living needs, including accommodation, banking facilities, medical facilities and telecommunications/internet services are readily available. All staple foods can be found in the markets, e.g.: rice, meat, vegetables, fruit, cooking oil, salt, etc. Many imported goods are available in Jakarta and other places throughout Indonesia. Jakarta has many good restaurants with good health standards and most guesthouses provide food. InIndonesia the most used means of transportation are taxi or local bus. Mobile phone is the most dependable tool to be in-touch with colleagues and friends. Internet service is readily available and affordable at most apartment complexes. ATMs are everywhere in Indonesia and Western cards can usually be used to withdraw Indonesian Rupiah.

As this is a national UN Volunteer assignment, the UN Volunteer will be responsible for arranging his/her own housing and other living essentials. National UN Volunteers are part of the meticulous insurance plan.

Expected salary:

Location: Jakarta

Job date: Tue, 30 Jan 2024 05:36:06 GMT

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