Single Floor Home Exterior Design 2024

Single Floor Home Exterior Design and Beautiful Single Storey House Designs with Simple 1 Floor House Designs

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Single Floor Home Exterior Design

Beautiful single storey house design is a popular signature style in India, especially in the state of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. Combining contemporary aesthetics with traditional values, these homes offer the perfect balance between luxury and practicality.

House Elevation Design

The design focuses on a modern house with a flat roof. Painted in white, the house features contrasting brown walls, which add depth and character to its facade. Generous glazing not only provides plenty of natural light but also creates the illusion of a large space. The small veranda, decorated with wooden beams and a massive railing, serves as a welcoming entrance.

Single storey house design ideas like this attract homeowners with their great beauty and small functional spaces. Flat roofs, for example, are a departure from the sloping roofs that characterize traditional Indian houses. However, the use of natural materials such as wood and heather combines ancient Indian architectural techniques, resulting in a design that honors the past and embraces the future.

This one floor house design simple really shines in its integration with the environment. The garden, full of palm trees and other tropical plants, offers a refreshing and private space. The blue sky with clouds and birds add to the tranquility, while the red brick streets give the city a beautiful feel.


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Whether you’re drawn to the allure of the modern city or the combination of nature and architecture, it’s important to consider factors such as location, climate and personal preference. The choice of materials, colors and flooring can affect the overall appeal of a one-story home.

Best Single Story House Designs

We do fun facade work. With a rich heritage of over twenty years, we combine traditional architecture with contemporary elements, bringing heights to the fore.

Single floor home exterior design is not the only visual aspect of a home’s exterior. It is a perfect representation, taking the basic elements of the house, its cultural inspiration and the desire of the moment, and, higher than the structure. it is an architectural history.

For our team of architects, best single story house design is like storytelling. It is about absorbing the heritage of traditional designs, understanding modern trends and marrying them into a unified design. It is the art of balance, ensuring that the design is durable, appropriate and attractive.

Every design journey begins with a conversation. We dive in to understand your vision, motivation and desire for excellence. Guided by your vision, our architects design floor plans that combine traditional values ​​with modern elements, ensuring that every facade tells a story. After the first phase, we’re with you for feedback, tweaking and tweaking the design until it perfectly matches your vision. While aesthetics are very important, our surface design prioritizes functionality, environmental considerations and seamless systems inside. Our designs are inspired by ancient architectural styles, which we combine with modern techniques to create a suitable facade.


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Of course! Single storey house design is at the heart of our design philosophy. We ensure that every surface is a unique expression of the homeowner’s vision. At the intersection of ancient architectural wisdom and modern single storey house design trends lies our unique design. Our commitment is to provide homeowners with appealing and attractive non-standard items. Is it desirable to build a facade that is a testament to both tradition and modernity? Start your design journey today.


Minimal Single Floor House Elevation

If you are a home owner or aspiring home owner in Maharashtra, Karnataka or Goa, you need to know how the architecture of your home can reflect your lifestyle and preferences. Today, we enter a modern one-bedroom apartment that combines a flat ceiling, white plaster walls and many other interesting elements that make it a perfect choice for anyone looking to build or renovate.

The appeal of simple single storey modern house designs often lies in their minimalist design and practicality, and flat roofs are an important part of that equation. With gray leather and clean, white material, this design not only adds elegance, but also offers practical value.

What makes this house different is that the exterior is white plaster walls with nice gray accents in the corners and parking lot. A two-tone facade is not only beautiful but also exudes luxury and elegance.

As the saying goes, “First impressions are last impressions,” and this home’s wooden front door lives up to that. Made with vertical windows and metal handles, the door is not only functional. it’s a statement piece that explains what to expect inside.

The modern 1 floor house design also features sliding windows with wooden frames and clear glass. These windows are not randomly placed. They are well placed in an asymmetrical shape at the front, adding to the beauty of the modern home and meeting practical needs.


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Whether you are renovating or building a new single storey house in Maharashtra, Karnataka or Goa, many run with the style of your choice, when it comes to house design minimalist modern 1 floor that combines style, functionality, beauty, few can compete with flat houses. White plaster walls, wooden doors and sliding windows. So why limit yourself when you can enhance your life experience with these unique things?


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