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Home Interior Design School – Considering a creative career is an exciting prospect. But before diving into the interesting course material, you have to choose your school. The best way to find yours is to research the best interior design schools. So, to help you narrow down your options, we’ve rounded up the best of the best in North America.

It can be difficult to identify the best interior design schools near you that are right for you. But once you know what to look for, the process can be simple. First, consider your criteria. Think about what you want from your studies and go from there.


Home Interior Design School

It’s never too early to start thinking about your interior design career. Once you’ve completed your studies, submit your portfolio to apply to one of the top interior design firms online!


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Whether you’re looking for an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in interior design, the best schools know the industry. You’ll learn how to highlight design trends, as well as get to the nitty-gritty aspects of hiring an interior designer. So let’s go over the best private and public schools in the US.

At NYSID, all courses are based on the principle that successful interior design “improves human welfare”. For this reason, private college interior design and decorating classes are perfect. The faculty ensures that students can pursue any career in the industry and be an asset to any team. In fact, NYSID has an impressive job placement rate of 90% for undergraduates and 96% for graduates.

In addition to the degrees, NYSID offers off-campus study programs and pre-college courses. Alumni are taken abroad to experience different built environments.


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Academic Programs: Basic Interior Design Certificate, Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Interior Design. Five graduate (M.F.A. and M.P.S.) programs are also available.


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Student Opportunities: NYSID helps students prepare for their careers in many ways. These include workshops, networking opportunities and annual portfolio reviews.

The Design Institute, a private interior design college, offers small classes to ensure students get the most out of their studies. The courses are also aimed at turning a passion for interior design into a successful career. It also focuses on sustainable design practices and social responsibility. You can look at the syllabus of previous students to get an idea of ​​the caliber required.

Students who complete their studies look for job opportunities immediately after graduation. In 2018, 84% of students secured a place within the interior design subject within six months of graduating.

Award: B.F.A. Tuition starts at $925 (full-time students) and $1,134 (part-time students). M.I.D. Tuition starts at $1,400 per credit.


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Student opportunities: The design institute has an externship as part of the third year of undergraduate studies. It allows students to get a taste of the professional environment as well as build a network of contacts and business resources.

With several degrees on offer, the Academy of Art University has a large campus spread across San Francisco. This means that studies come with a vibrant student life as well as higher education.

Prospective interior design students will attend the School of Interior Architecture and Design. Conceptual, theoretical and practical education is equally important here. Graduates can succeed in many careers, including becoming visualization specialists and project designers.

Academic Programs: Associate of Arts (A.A.), B.F.A., Master of Arts (M.A.) and M.F.A. degree as well as a 4-year interior design certificate program.


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Student Opportunities: Sometimes practical assignments are real-life projects that students must complete. They are often for business customers with tight deadlines.

Design Intelligence and Red Dot Design Rankings rank SCAD as one of the best (if not the best) interior design schools in the United States. College of Interior Design programs also offer students access to SCADpro, an in-house consulting company.

Courses open doors to many careers, from interior design to healthcare facility design. Students can also get started early with the study preparation programme.


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Student Opportunities: SCAD supports students in many ways. These include CV development, mock interviews, teaching self-promotion and help finding internships.


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Despite its name, Parsons Interior Design was around for a while. It started in 1906 and in 1970 joined The New School, a progressive organization known for its social research. As a result, an intensive course was born. It ensures that students consider all aspects of the built environment.

Parsons’ new school provides broad and varied learning experiences. Students often need to collaborate with others in the minor to develop critical thinking. Parsons Interior Design School also offers intensive studies for preschool students and an academy for students in grades 3 through 12.

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is a public college that offers several creative degrees. However, the interior design is a favorite. Here the students expand their approach to innovation, justice, diversity and sustainability.

FIT has two interior design programs that follow respectively This means that you must complete one before applying for an interior design bachelor. Later, students can look forward to placements in many specialized fields, including furniture manufacturing and real estate.


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Online education: Yes. Students can tailor their degree in interior design by choosing required credit courses. However, they will still have to write the exams through a proctor.

Student opportunities: Students have many networking opportunities. Furthermore, FIT graduates have high recruitment rates due to the school’s reputation.

Over the past few years, all interior design graduates from Auburn University have found employment. For this reason, acceptance is highly selective. Once arrived, students must complete a pre-design academic year before assessment. And only the best are accepted to complete the interior design certificate program in nine semesters.


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Students can expect an interdisciplinary education that teaches communication and teamwork. Rental companies definitely appreciate and value this method. And Design Intelligence ranks Auburn University highly as a result.


Fidi, Design School In Italy; Masters & Courses, Florence Institute Of Design International

Academic programs: Bachelor of Science (B.S.), and Master of Science (M.S.) in Interior Design and Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Consumer and Design Science.

Online learning: No. Auburn is an interior design school that does not offer online courses because their curriculum is labor intensive.

Student Opportunities: Auburn University’s excellent reputation certainly counts. Students usually receive no less than one job offer after graduation.

“Ambition can’t wait!” Inquiries about the Drexel University website. Their rigorous curriculum keeps them focused, especially with the mandatory co-op program. Students must complete two semesters working for top employers in their chosen field.


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Creates intensive practical interior and design classes. And hard work culminates in a senior project in the final year of undergraduate studies. Drexel also has several study abroad programs that allow students to expand their education.

Academic Programs: B.S. with the option of adding an accelerated degree in interior design. In this MS. Interior architecture, design research or urban strategy. A Master in Interior Architecture and Design is also available.

Cost: Tuition for part-time students starts at $1,273 per credit, while full-time students can expect around $18,865 per semester.

Student Opportunities: Undergraduate degrees require hours in the field. Accordingly, students are required to complete a six-month co-op experience at a recognized design firm.


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The School of Architecture and Interior Design (SAID) has a number of architecture and interior design programs. Regardless of choice, students learn how to take risks in their approach to design. The aim is to expand innovation in the built environment and improve how students deal with problems.

In short, students develop many skills for school and real-world projects. This includes integrating research, navigating the unexpected and promoting eco-design.

Academic Programs: B.S. in Architecture, B.S. in Interior Design, M.I.D., Master of Architecture (M.Arch), M.S. in architecture, and a Ph.D. In architecture.

Cost: Tuition starts at $266 per credit for part-time students and $3,182 per semester for full-time in-state residents.


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Student Opportunities: Like the Drexel degree, SAID also has mandatory co-op programs. This encourages students to gain first-hand industry experience and get their foot in the door.

The School of Design at Arizona State University is quick to prepare students for the challenges that arise in the industry. As one of the best interior design schools in the country, this design college has certainly earned its reputation.


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After completing an undergraduate degree, students can pursue a two-year Master of Interior Design (M.I.A.) program. But if you have a degree in another field, you’re three years M.I.A. can apply for the program instead.

Online education: Yes. Although a bachelor’s degree in interior design is not available online, there are a few short courses in design open.


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Student opportunities: Students are well equipped and can find internships. Ultimately, students become transformative thinkers at the design school.

If you want to put your interior design degree to the test, become a team member. We are always looking for new talented design talent. So when you’re done studying, submit your portfolio today!


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