New Home Exterior Design Ideas for 2024 for Every Architectural Style

Charming New Home Exterior Design Ideas We Would Love To Come Home To

New Home Exterior Design Ideas – If you’re building a new home or considering an exterior remodeling project this year, there’s a good chance you want your home to blend in with the latest design trends.

Choosing an exterior that will appeal to guests, future buyers, and yourself isn’t as difficult as you might think. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the hottest design trends we’ve seen—from paint colors to building materials—so you can choose one that fits your style and budget!

New Home Exterior Design Ideas

Instead of covering your home with just one exterior material—like fiber cement siding—find ways to add different textures to create depth and visual interest. For example, consider mixing and matching different tiling styles such as horizontal, vertical and shingle, and find creative ways to add small touches of natural stone, wood and brick.

Shades with earthy tones including greens, browns and reds will be all the rage in homes over the next few years. Not only do these shades create a warm, welcoming look, but they also create a cohesive look with your home’s natural surroundings. Magnolia Home | The James Hardie collection is an excellent example of earth tone shades.

White is a classic color that never goes out of style. However, instead of bright white siding shades, homeowners are turning to a soft, warm white called “cream.” Expect to see an explosion of white exteriors with subtle beige, gray or brown undertones in 2023.

If you don’t want a white exterior, but want to go with something neutral enough to stay “in style” for years to come, consider gray or gray paint. Gray and gray colors (grey with beige undertones) are timeless, versatile and mix and match well with other colors.

Exterior House Colors & Inspiration

Well-designed outdoor living spaces with verandas, outdoor decks and spacious decks are in high demand these days. Larger homes may even appreciate the creation of outdoor “rooms” – such as a separate terrace and patio – that are defined by unique design elements such as wooden floors or stone pavers. These “rooms” can serve a variety of purposes, from entertaining and dining to gardening and relaxation.


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Home design exterior design with creating an easy transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces with folding, stacking or sliding glass doors has been a trending choice for homes in recent years, and from what we can predict, it will remain popular for years to come.

In the exterior home design options, many homeowners are turning to sustainable building materials, such as durable fiber cement siding and energy-efficient solar panels, to reduce maintenance costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Since most low-maintenance products are generally environmentally friendly, choosing them is often a win-win situation and an easy decision for most homeowners.

Sustainable landscaping using native plants, trees and shrubs is also a popular house design choice. These plants are more resistant to pests, attract beneficial insects and require less fertilizer, pesticides and water. They are also easy to maintain!

Charming House Exteriors We’d Love To Come Home To

Adding natural wood or stone accents such as granite, limestone, slate, or travertine to your home’s exterior is a great way to add architectural appeal. Consider adding wood headers to the windows or garage, stone columns to the front porch, wood shutters over the windows, or even an entire natural stone accent wall!

While asphalt shingles will always be a timeless choice, metal roofing is today’s trending roof design. Metal roofing is durable, long-lasting and versatile, often complementing popular modern and rustic architectural styles.


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Copper gutters and downspouts (especially) are a welcome trend. A little bit of copper goes a long way and what is usually seen as a “counterpart” like gutters can instantly add curb appeal to your home!

Home Exterior Paint Color Ideas & Tips

Bright exterior colors like creamy white and gray are popular new home exterior colors right now, which makes white windows and doors an unbeatable option. Instead, consider choosing black windows and doors as striking options. Black is stylish and bold, not to mention that black windows are more energy efficient and show less wear and tear than white windows.

Even if you’re going for a monochromatic look with dark hues (another popular design trend for contemporary homes in 2023!), you can still use black windows and doors to create an unexpected look.

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They say all trends eventually come back in style, right? Well, this sentiment now applies mainly to the outdoors. Traditional home designs that incorporate balance, symmetry and classic design elements are just as popular now as they were a century ago!

Amazing Front Elevation And House Design Ideas.

Regardless of your personal style preferences, we’re confident that one (or more!) of these modern home design trends can be incorporated into your home’s exterior to maximize your enjoyment of your property and provide valuable curb appeal to future buyers.

New home exterior paint trends including siding replacement, window installation, exterior painting, roof replacement and gutter installation to make your home a place you can be proud of.

Upgrading the exterior design of a new modern home can create a Wow factor for your home improvement request.

Modern design is often as functional as it is elegant. It uses a limited neutral palette, unique but well-chosen materials and simple geometric lines. And the overall effect is stunning.


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The latest modern home exterior designs also make thoughtful use of interior and exterior square footage to increase your home’s value and make it the nicest house on the block.

If you find yourself dreaming of a trendy modern home exterior design but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. Our design team specializes in drawing on the best trends while creating a timeless aesthetic. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

Minimalism is a trend in the exterior and interior of the house. According to The Spruce, modern, minimalist design is “stripped down to its basic function, realized using limited materials, neutral colors, simple forms, and avoiding excess ornamentation to achieve pure form.”

Siding Design Ideas For Better Curb Appeal

We love the fact that practicality is a trend in modern home exterior design. In addition, people are rethinking the way they use their outdoor spaces to live and work outdoors more than ever before. Porches, patios and landscaping allow for conversation and relaxation – or perhaps a conference call if needed.

Modern home exterior design is not just about aesthetic appeal. It is a blend of form and function that reflects the contemporary lifestyle. Recent trends in modern house exterior design focus on creating a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. This is achieved through large glass panels and sliding doors that not only increase natural light but also strengthen the connection with nature.

The incorporation of ecological elements is at the forefront of modern exterior design. Solar panels, green roofs and sustainable materials are becoming increasingly popular, reflecting the growing awareness of environmental issues. These features not only contribute to the modern look of the home, but also promote energy efficiency and sustainability.


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Personalization plays a key role in exterior paint Colors for new homes. Homeowners are now choosing bold color palettes and unique textures to express their individuality. Combining raw concrete with warm wood accents can create an interesting contrast that is both modern and welcoming. In addition, the addition of smart home technology such as automated lighting and security systems is becoming a staple of modern home design, providing both convenience and a futuristic edge.

Types Of Modern Home Exterior Designs With Fashionable And Outstanding Model Looks Stunning

A well-designed entryway can serve as the focal point of a modern home’s exterior design. This can be achieved through distinctive door designs, innovative lighting solutions and eye-catching pathways leading into the home. The entrance hall sets the tone for the entire property and investing in its design can greatly enhance the appearance of the house.

Modern home exterior design ideas are incomplete without the integration of landscape elements. Minimal gardens, geometric path patterns and the use of native plants can all contribute to a harmonious and modern exterior. These elements not only beautify the space, but also create a soothing atmosphere that complements the overall design of the home.

How Modern Farmhouse Exteriors Are Evolving

This contemporary home design calls for a change to the modern exterior design of the house with some contrasting colors to add drama. Walkways made of stone and paving are a warm invitation to the front door. Also, the use of a large flower pot as a privacy wall defines a new outdoor living space that substantially increases the area of ​​the house.

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