Lantern Style Exterior Lights

Lantern Style Exterior Lights and Lighting Fixtures with Outdoor Lighting

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Lighting fixtures are considered home jewelry, and we’re here to remind you that your outdoor lighting isn’t. Outdoor sconces are design elements that have an unwanted impact – no, they cannot be ignored when creating an incredible curb appeal. These recessed outdoor lights work overtime to provide warmth to certain shaded areas and enhance the home’s architecture in an area.


Lantern Style Exterior Lights

So, how do you find the right sconces for your front porch? This is where we come in. Read on to learn about seven popular outdoor sconces and buy the type that best suits your outdoor design.


Colonial Outdoor Led Wall Light Black

Brighten up your colonial, cottage or French porch with traditional light fixtures. This classic sconce style has been a lighting staple for centuries and continues to dominate the design world today. The original sconces held wax candles or torches, but historic torches have evolved into gas-powered or electric alternatives. Wall lights come in many shapes, sizes, silhouettes and finishes to suit your home’s architecture and color scheme.

Give your farmhouse, country cottage or rustic ranch a facelift with a set of gooseneck lamps. Similar to traditional wall lights, barn lights have been a popular outdoor fixture for centuries. The iconic lamps have an attractive silhouette with a gooseneck arm that creates expression and generous shade behind the trees. Highlight your front door with pendant lights, or keep it simple and secure above your entryway to give your chair an expressive light.

Do you work with a small chair? Recessed sconces are your best bet for bringing maximum light to your exterior without taking up valuable space. Recessed brackets come in all shapes, sizes and styles, but the most important feature that all flush brackets share is that they are mounted to the wall. Use your home’s architecture and decor as your guide to choosing a wall light (or two!) that’s right for your exterior.


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Recessed lighting is another option for illuminating small porches and patios. Like flush mounts, flush mounts are compact in design and make perfect additions to tight spaces. Flat recessed fixtures differ from their recessed counterparts because their recessed lighting extends beyond the wall-mounted plate to create an elegant, dimensional design. This creates the illusion of depth and grandeur without overwhelming the small space available.


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Give your modern outdoor use whimsy and glamor with beautiful globe lamps. These round fixtures are our top picks for modern, contemporary or mid-century outdoor decor as the vertical shade creates a dramatic effect that ensures your home stands out from the crowd. These round units come in semi-smooth and armored silhouettes and come with frosted, clear or seeded glass screens. Use a brass key to give your entryway a golden glow, or start a contrast and install black globe sconces against your white exterior.

Floodlights are essential for both coastal and industrial outdoor homes. These space savers have a nautical style and are purposefully designed to withstand coastal storms. The bulkhead prevents splashes on exterior walls and has a separate cage that encloses and protects the light source inside from water or dust damage. Love the durability of a shot but not sure about the business look? Treat your exterior to a cageless bulkhead fixture for the same durability and more modern appeal.

Show off your curb with a series of cleverly placed lights that protect your home’s exterior. Spotlight sconces are our top choice for highlighting your dream chair, your outdoor kitchen window or the award-winning rose bush as they focus narrow streams of light on a spot below. These displays come in a variety of silhouettes and finishes to easily fit any outdoor structure.

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