Red Brick Home Exterior Ideas and Exterior Paint Colors That Look Good With Red Brick
Red Brick Home Exterior Ideas and Exterior Paint Colors That Look Good With Red Brick

Red Brick Home Exterior Ideas 2024

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Red Brick Home Exterior Ideas – We are a couple of homebodies, working to discover the red brick home exterior design we want our home to be. And we’re so glad you’re here.

Browse the store for mood boards, projects, failures, wins, before, and after. We’ve made a lot of plans and they’re all here. We’ve had a long-standing relationship with do it yourself (DIY) and love rolling up our sleeves and getting it done. Even if you don’t want to tear down a wall, you can make the most of the space in your home.

Red Brick Home Exterior Ideas

We’ve made some improvements to the overall curb appeal of our exterior, and naturally, I’ve been looking at our bright white trim more and more and wondering if we could do better. We haven’t made any changes to the exterior of the house, and I find the red brick to be incredibly attractive and timeless. However, we don’t want to paint the brick.

Enjoy updating the white trim and window sashes. So, I recruited my talented sister Andie to “try out” some exterior paint colors that go well with red brick.

In our project list, we talked about replacing all the windows this year, and I think it’s a go! It will take some time to order the windows and make them, but we will start the way. The good news is that we had some pros look at the windows and they said we could get away with replacing the panels (window section and grid) instead of the entire window, which would save us tens of thousands of dollars. We went to look at window options and they had several colors to choose from, so we thought – let’s go down the road and explore.

The most helpful thing you can do before committing to any color is to test it digitally! There are probably some paint apps that let you do this, but Andy usually opens up Lightroom to tweak the colors. If you are interested in learning how to do this they have a full tutorial. It’s more to get an idea of ​​what color I might want the trim to be, and then I try to match it with the paint deck. First, we swapped out the bright white for a softer ivory.

I think this ivory is very classic and warm. The white is a little too-contrasting when I start comparing it with the other trim options.

The Ultimate Dream: Red Brick Houses

The next option exterior paint colors that match red brick, I like is on the cooler side. I’m a big fan of blue-grey, and I think it really complements the red brick beautifully.

Or we could go with a darker slate blue, which I love so much! There is something about this color and tone that excites me so much and feels so on-brand.

For a while taupe paint colors were considered outdated, but they’re back and I’m here to tell you for good reason. Obviously, it blends well with the growing color, and I think it’s proven itself to be quite timeless. My only hesitation is, remember when we first painted the outdoor kitchen a taupe-y color? There were times of the day when I absolutely hated it and I’m afraid this is the same case.


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In the exterior home colors with red brick, taking the taupe color to a darker shade is the right course of action. I love how the mushroom color really goes into the background and shows off the beautiful red brick! I can totally see myself going with this option!

The great news is that the sashes only need to be replaced and the trim is painted to match, which saves us so much money! In the interior of the house, the casings should be white, wood or black, he said. I’m deciding between wood or black, but leaning more towards black.

Semihandmade Our wood grain shaker cabinet fronts are designed for busy, high-traffic homes like ours. Featuring durable textured thermofoils, the line is compatible with the best cabinets from Division, Accurum, Godmorgan and IKEA. It’s the perfect, practical way to add the warmth of wood to all rooms of your home.

Loloi We made it affordable to create a line of affordable rugs with Loloi. The collection features a great mix of traditional and modern rugs, in cottage-y colorways, as well as vintage-inspired beauties you’ll want to bring out in every room.

STUGA We partnered with Stuga on a line of hardwood floors – Ingrid is really livable and the color is very neutral. It’s neither warm nor cold, it’s right in between. We love having it everywhere in our house. It’s an excellent jumping-off point for exterior paint colors that look good with red brick, regardless of your interior style. In addition to being beautiful, Ingrid is really durable – we have three children, and we always have a house building project. Ingrid faces it all.


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Love Where You Live In an industry designed to make you uncomfortable, we want to be the place you come to for inspiration, ideas and encouragement to make the space you’re already in feel like home.

Gorgeous Red Brick Houses

A reader recently asked me if I’m starting to fully embrace the traditional style and if we still consider our home a “modern colonial” and why. This is a really good question and timely – I was thinking about my approach to this red brick home exterior ideas and how my style has changed.

Beautiful Red Brick Homes

Red brick home exterior designs are beautiful; However, it’s a strong look and tough to work with, especially for color palettes. We get clients asking us all the time about the trim colors we recommend to go with their red brick homes, what siding colors work best to complement their red brick facades, and more. We figured this roundup might help some of you make decisions about how to renovate your red brick homes.

Are you having trouble seeing renovations to your red brick home? That’s why we created our virtual design services. We help you see what your exterior design renovations will look like before you commit to a new look.

Traditional two-story red brick home has beautiful architectural lines – just needs updated accents to modernize it and decorate it. Benjamin Moore Paints provided a fresh color palette: Revere Pewter on the trim, Dragon Board to stain the wood siding, and black on the windows. Bright paint on the roof, a new wood-look garage door and copper gutters are elegant finishing touches.

Style of red brick ranch house is a classic found in American neighborhoods built after World War II. Modernizing the front porch with new materials made a big impact in bringing it into the 21st century. Our designers recommend removing the shutters (because they are not sized correctly) and updating the windows and front door. Wood accents and copper gutters reduce contrast on trim tones with Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze, further reducing curb appeal.

Traditional two-story red brick house has a Tudor-influenced facade with a second-story pop-out that feels somewhat dated and unfinished. For a color-blocked look we recommend Benjamin Moore’s new Hardie® Panel Vertical Siding in Graphite. Revere pewter in trim highlights the ceiling.


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