Modern Home Exterior Ideas and Contemporary Exterior Home Design
Modern Home Exterior Ideas and Contemporary Exterior Home Design

Modern Home Exterior Ideas for 2024

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Modern Home Exterior Ideas – Upgrading to a new contemporary home exterior can add a wow factor to your home’s appeal. Modern contemporary exterior home design is often as functional as it is beautiful. It uses a minimal neutral palette, unique but well-chosen materials, and simple geometric lines. And the overall effect is amazing. In addition, exterior home design modern make careful use of interior and exterior square footage to increase the value of your home and make it the most beautiful home on the block.

If you’re dreaming of a trendy modern home exterior design but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. Our design team are experts in creating the latest trends while creating timeless beauty. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

Modern Home Exterior Ideas

Minimalism is the direction of the interior and exterior of the house. According to The Spruce, modern, minimalist design is “stripped of its basic, recognizable function using minimal materials, neutral colors, simple shapes, and understated aesthetics to achieve a pure form of beauty.”

Beautiful Emerging Home Exterior Trends

We love the fact that modern home exterior ideas is the trend in modern outdoor designs. Additionally, people are rethinking the use of their outdoor spaces so that they can live and work outdoors more than ever before. Porches, patios, and landscaping are designed for conversation and entertaining — or even a conference call if necessary.

Modern home exterior design is not just about aesthetic appeal. It is a combination of form and function that reflects the modern lifestyle. The latest trends in contemporary outdoor design ideas focus on creating a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. This is achieved through large glass panels and sliding doors, which not only increase natural light but also promote a connection with nature.

Incorporating environmentally friendly or eco-friendly features is also at the forefront of modern exterior design. Solar panels, green roofs, and sustainable materials are becoming increasingly popular, reflecting a growing awareness of environmental issues. These features not only contribute to the modern look of the home, but also promote energy efficiency and sustainability.

Exterior house colors for modern homes are plays an important role in modern exterior design. Homeowners are now choosing bold color palettes and unique textures to express their individuality. Combining raw concrete with warm wood accents can create an interesting contrast that is both modern and attractive. Additionally, the integration of smart home technology, such as automatic lighting and security systems, is becoming a staple in modern home design, offering convenience and the future.

Exterior doors mid century modern can serve as a focal point in the exterior design of a modern home. This can be achieved through distinctive door designs, innovative lighting solutions, and attractive pathways leading into the home. An entryway sets the tone for the entire property, and investing in its design can significantly increase a home’s curb appeal.


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Modern home exterior design ideas are incomplete without the integration of landscape elements. Small gardens, geometric patterns in paths, and the use of natural plants can contribute to a balanced and modern exterior. These features not only beautify the space but also create a sense of calm that complements the overall design of the home.

Exterior Home Design Trends This Year

Modern home exterior ideas required exterior window shutters modern with contrasting colors to add drama. A stone path and pavers provide a warm welcome to the front door. In addition, using a large planter as a privacy wall defines a new outdoor living space that increases the square footage of the home.

Many designers softened the design of this modern farmhouse with well-placed plants and replaced the siding with James Hardie Panel Vertical Siding in Chelsea Gray and Benjamin Moore. Wood upgrades to the garage door and front door add a touch of class, and the addition of patio furniture completes the picture.

Many architects kept the mission style roof of this home but added a natural stone roof for the look. They have also simplified the lines on the siding, windows, garage and front door. Contrasting patterns on the fountain, hall extension, and staircase provide a unique effect.

Large windows and a front door, along with a new garage door, bring natural light inside and a sense of openness to the exterior design of this home. Our designers added wood tones to add warmth, as well as statement lighting and dark gray (Benjamin Moore’s Soot) to promote a sense of relaxation.

Contemporary House Designs

We love the large front porch and the sleek outdoor areas that our designers added to the exterior of this colonial home. Simple windows with black trim and wood side panels meet new doors and porch entries. The dark color we recommend for siding is warm and moody. Brass piping adds a finishing touch.

The use of neutral colors brings together the many shapes and patterns used in this new architectural design. New seamless panels pair with light stone and black trim and wood elements. Geometric lines create a simple theme that is modern and elegant.

This 70s-style two-story home gets a modern exterior design upgrade with a sleek single-story finish. New neutral sand pavers add class. Well-placed seats and scenery create a welcoming space to watch the road go by.

This house got a nice, simple change in the design of the hall. The new roof line and cedar pillars give off modern vibes that are striking and attractive. Removing shutters and large bushes allows for more transparency and clean lines. Strategic use of lighting creates a purposeful design.

A new retaining wall around this home’s porch wraps it around and creates a welcoming outdoor living space. Dramatic changes in the shape of the porch overhang, cedar posts and wood, along with the simple lines of the new siding evoke a modern style.


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This home’s design sense begins with a beautiful new front door and driveway. A warm new color (Separated by Benjamin Moore) and a fresh theme brighten things up. New windows and wooden columns enhance the exterior and add a sense of comfort.

This house, built around 2000, already had many windows. Our designers focused on rich, dark colors (we love Sharon Williams’ metallic) for the siding and garage to enhance the facade.

Bright white and sea foam green took this home from ho hum to wow. Using the principles of minimalism, our designers simplified the curves and curves and added natural stone accents for an eye-catching look.

Modern Home Design/Modern Home Exterior Design

We often recommend that our clients remove the shutters, but in this case, the modern rustic appeal of the new gray shutters contrasts with the warm color of the white brick color (Alabaster by Sharon Williams).

This home started with good bones and a unique, bold design. A lovely creamy white paint (Pure White by Sharon Williams) and new siding lift the color palette, and the stone is whitewashed to maintain the texture element. A dark coating highlights the roof and the front door.

The white stripes on the dark mulch that lead to the wide front steps of this home add a modern feel to this update. The use of lanterns, standing lamps, and retaining walls to display the house number is practical and unexpected.


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The second floor hall and walkway is built with a small structure of railings and columns. Smooth, clean lines and a light new door add clarity to the new entryway. Our designers’ suggestions for wood paneling to hide the HVAC unit and metal trim with house numbers are functional updates that are also great.

Beautiful Exterior Home Design Trends

Upgraded doors to the main entry and upper porch on this exterior home improvement allow tons of light to filter inside. Our favorite part of the exterior design of this modern home is the wood paneling along the second floor and down the main level hall.

At Brick & Baton, our designers enjoy working with homeowners who are interested in modern home exterior ideas. We pay attention to the smallest details, such as materials and colors, to provide the modern feel and great curb appeal that our customers desire. Often, simple changes can lead to a more livable environment and make your home feel like a place to relax.

Dreaming of a timeless, modern upgrade to your home’s exterior but not sure where to start? We would like to help. Our design team uses the inspiration you provide to create a photo (or map!) of your home and a virtual rendering of your new design. We also provide you with a list of resources to help you execute your look. Learn more about our process for creating modern outdoor designs, or start making your outdoor dreams come true today!


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